24 Feb 2019

23 Feb 2019
February 26, 2019
A gold medallist in LLB, Mr. Akram was selected for #MadhyaPradesh Public Service Commission in the year 1997 as Assistant District Prosecution Officer and served in the same capacity in the District Courts of #Mandsaur, #Sajapur and #Indore. He has also served as the Legal Advisor for Indore #Police. In 2017, he was promoted as the District Prosecution Officer. Since then he has been working on critical cases and also contributing as Special Public Prosecutor in the Special Courts established under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012. With his support and guidance, in 3 cases under #POCSO Act, the accused have been given life term in jail. In one of the cases, the accused had been given a 20-year term in jail. In 7 cases, the accused have been sentenced to 10 years in jail. His biggest achievement is serving as the Special Public Prosecutor, in the case of #rape, #abduction and #murder of a 3 ½ month old girl #child in Indore. In the case, the Police completed investigation in 7 days and submitted the charge sheet before the Court for prosecution. And Mr. Akram ensured the landmark prosecution was completed in just 13 days. #DignityMarch #ShameToSupport


Expected Outcomes:

  • 1. Create an environment to end victim shaming in 24 states and 200 districts.
  • 2. More than 50,000 survivors of rape and sexual abuse feel motivated and confident to continue their fight to claim justice, relief and rehabilitation.
  • 3. Create a network of support and solidarity between victims, families, stakeholders.
  • 4. Public initiatives for justice and rehabilitation for survivors.
  • 5. Reform for a comprehensive socio-medico-legal relief and rehabilitation of Survivors’ in the policies.

Key strategies:

  • 1. Building a National Network of Survivors, family members and other stakeholders across 200 districts and 24 states/UTs and 200 districts across the country.
  • 2. Triggering Dialogue with the Socio-Medico-Legal support system, to enhance their capacity to deal with issues of rape and sexual violence.
  • 3. Policy Engagement at local, state and national level for effective implementation of protocols, improved budget allocation and developing and monitoring the system towards a comprehensive approach to address sexual violence against women and children.
  • 4. Public Engagement by getting the attention of media to do comprehensive reportage of issues related to rape and sexual violence.


  • 1. Meetings with the survivors, their families and the larger community: To trigger conversations around rape, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation of children and trafficking meetings will be conducted with the survivors, their families and the larger community in 200 districts across the country.
  • 2. State-level stakeholders meetings: 24 state-level meetings will be held with different stakeholders to sensitize them on issue of rape and sexual violence. These will culminate in a set of recommendations for better implementation and monitoring of law and policies.
  • 3. Awareness and sensitization programmes: To be held in different locations with students, lawyers and medical professionals highlighting the challenges and gaps they face daily and dealing with issue of rape and sexual violence.
  • 4. Survivors’ Convention at the State-level: Convention of survivors will be organised to discuss patterns in cases related to violence against women and children and to provide immediate legal assistance and guidance.
  • 5. Resource material: Distribution of resource material targeted at different stakeholders to help deal with issue of violence against women and children. The aim is to spread awareness and equip different stakeholders with updated protocols, guidelines, government policies, law and schemes, toll free helpline numbers and short videos and posters talking about their roles and responsibility in dealing with case of rape and sexual violence.